Last week in Australia was Donate Life week, which is when we are encouraged to consider giving “the gift of life” by way of organ donation and to take some practical steps to make sure it happens.

To help us understand the issues better, I am speaking to Leah Barthel. Leah comes from a donor family, is an advocate for organ donation and is an old friend of the family. Leah recounts a deeply personal story, about a day when she lost her beautiful mum Chris and explains some of the practical steps we need to make to ensure our organs are considered for donation.

Leah also talk about a book she has written, which will be used to help communicate the issues to children.

UMP08 Quick Hack! 1) Register your interest to donate organs on the Australian Organ Donor Register (link below) and 2) Have the conversation about your intentions with your family (do so this week)