UMP04 Show Notes – Doing Anxiety with Jay Hedley (Pt1)

German born psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Fritz Perls, once said “Awareness in and of itself is curative”. And this is so true when reflecting on anxiety. Anxiety has been medicalised over many years, yet for many people, just having an understanding of the structure of how they do anxiety, has had a remarkable impact on their condition.

Today I talk with Executive Coach (and mentor of mine) Jay Hedley of The Coaching Room. Jay and I walk through a white paper, written by Jay’s business partner Joseph Scott, titled Know Anxiety, Know Yourself. In this paper, Joseph provides 15 tips to #knowanxiety, by applying a NLP frame to doing anxiety.

This discussion was so content rich, that it will be presented over 2 weeks. It is so content rich that I let Jay do most of the talking. I hope you enjoy it. I know you will enjoy it.

For some, this will be a new way of looking at anxiety, and for some even a little intimidating. But as Jay says during the podcast, “try it on”. Just as you would if you were shopping for a new jacket, try it on and see if it fits.

UMP04 Quick Hack! Treat anxiety as something you do rather than something you have and watch your anxiety change.

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