UMP02 Show Notes – Being Unbullyable

I met today’s guest,  nearly 7 years ago now whilst training to become an Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC). Sue Anderson was on the assist team for that program.

What I didn’t know, was that Sue had begun running the filter of meta-coaching, Neurolinguistics and Neurosemantics across the common problem of bullying.

What resulted was Sue Anderson authoring the book Unbullyable. Unbullyable takes a new and fresh look at Bullying and presents ways that your son or daughter can become Unbullyable – and who wouldn’t want that?

UMP02 Quick Hack! What is it that, more than anything else, your bullied child wants from you? To be listened to, to be believed and to be hugged!



For an electronic copy of the book Unbullyable, you can use this link

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