Why people engage me as a coach

I’m a family man and love my kids. I have 5 kids including a step son. I’m part of a blended family, have a couple children with disabilities, some excelling at school and some with challenges at school. I have been a stay at home dad. I have been through a marriage separation and divorce and am now in a happy, fulfilling relationship with Michelle and at the same time have a great parenting relationship with my ex-wife. My weight fluctuates and I’m ok with that – sort of. I am developing my spiritual self, have discovered mindfulness, believe that I am unbullyable and, to a great extent, do not care what others think of me. Life is really good and I’m exactly where I need to be.

I have spent over 30 years in sales, management and business development. I have run my own successful businesses, which were not without their challenges. I have been made redundant, been 3 years without a job, run out of money, and been almost homeless and I am so grateful for the experience – no really. It taught me a lot about myself. I drink (sometimes), swear, lose the plot sometimes and can become overwhelmed (especially when I’m cooking dinner) and yet most would describe me as happy and easy going.

And none of this should matter or be relevant, and yet to my clients it is. I’m a work in progress, and always will be – as are you. I have spent over 25 years working on my own self development and have gained qualifications, in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Neurosemantics (NS) and Meta-Coaching.

What is the process?

I can tell, through listening to your language and the meanings you give events, how you create your reality. I know what holds you back. I can find out what your limiting beliefs are and, with you, identify what beliefs are locking in your status quo. I can help you create new habits, new ways of being in this world. If that’s what you want.

With all the focus on therapies in our society, it’s almost like we have forgotten how to do life anymore. But in the stillness, your inner self knows the answers. As your coach, I have the questions and you have the answers, and it’s my role to facilitate this process.

We will begin by getting very clear with what you want and, at the same time, what you don’t want. We will explore what current beliefs are holding your current way of being and then identify resources you already have or develop some new ones, to allow you growth.

Normally this will happen over a number of sessions (typically 3-4) and sometimes just one. Coaching can be done by phone, by skype, or in some instances face-to-face. Each hour long session is $AUS250

Still have questions? Why not schedule a free 20 minute chat to determine whether coaching is for you. Contact me on theumatterproject@gmail.com or on 0418 218 169.

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Areas of Expertise

Self Esteem, Self Worth, Self Love

Life Vision

Anxiety, Motivation & Procrastination

Limiting Beliefs

Spirtuality | Higher Self

Business & Career Development, Selling, People Management, Productivity


Quality of life & happiness

Separation, Divorce & Relationships


 “Peter challenged me in many ways, but he always did it with an end in mind. He helped me to grow as a person, as well as a manager. It takes a certain skill set to see someone better than they see them self, but Peter has a talent for understanding people. His ability to read situations sets him apart from others.”

Steve Deverell

NSW Membership Manager, Restaurant & Catering Australia

“Peter has a keen skill of rapidly distilling down the virtues and road blocks people often set for themselves.  He was able to clearly articulate my potential and helped me to strive far higher, personally and professionally, than I ever considered was in my grasp.  Today I run a successful finance business covering 3 states.  This quantum leap of faith would not have been possible without Peter’s intuition and support”

Cameron Harker

State Manager, Elder’s Home Loans

 “Peter is a visionary, who has the ability to inspire those he works with to achieve their goals and desires.  Enthusiastically guiding you, not just to consider the obvious, but to seek and strive for the ultimate ideal approach that provides professional reward with personal satisfaction and life balance.”

Maria G. Conte

Corporate Business Manager, Buckman Laboratories Asia-Pacific

 “Peter worked with our sales team to help smooth out our sales process. He then provided specific training for our personal weaknesses and requisitioned our mindset on those weaknesses and the sales process – not just a technical advancement but a whole mindset switch. This experience resulted in immediate results with our sales and we secured three new sales after the first session with Peter. I would recommend Peter’s services to anyone who wants to achieve immediate results that have a long term impact on your role or business”

Andrew Robertson

Founder , Twentysix Group

“Peter is a breath of fresh air! As a coach he has a genuine passion for his clients and also has the very rare ability to lead his clients to think differently. As someone who has played a mentoring role in my own career development, I recommend Peter without hesitation.

Kingsley Farrow

Global Sales Coach Manager, Intel McAfee