About The U Matter Project

I have 4 beautiful sons (and 1 beautiful daughter), two of whom have just entered their teenage years.

Like many parents of teenage boys, I am astonished about the levels of suicide, mental health issues and substance abuse in teenage boys and domestic violence in later life. For me, in almost all these cases, it’s a result of a deep lack of self-worth and self-awareness.

What worries me most is, that often, boys that suffer from these issues, can come from seemingly normal, functioning families – just like mine.

I couldn’t not get involved (if that makes sense). I have 30 years of self-development under my belt, training in NLP, Neurosemantics and Meta-coaching and have developed skills, knowledge and experiences to help develop our teenage boys.

The U Matter Project is a resource for parents and carers of teenage boys and will, in the near future, be a resource for teenage boys themselves. Its mission is “to ensure that every teenage boy fully feels his importance, his value, his worth, his uniqueness, his brilliance and that he matters”.

I am launching a podcast in June, 2017 and am taking on coaching clients. I have partnered with other experts in the area. I hope to soon run camps for teenage boys where they can learn more about themselves, developing skills that will support them in life’s challenges.

Will you join me in developing a new blue-print for teen boys in becoming men?

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